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Vegan leather for vegan fashion

Under the influence of the low-carbon economy, more and more apparel brands pay attention to environmental protection and introduce sustainable materials. Not only the head companies such as Nike, Adidas, etc., many new brands also regard "sustainable development" as the main positioning of their products, this is because the consumers' concern has changed.

We'll talk about an innovative type of synthetic leather, which is a rare leather alternative on the market that is both environmentally friendly and durable. The importance of surface materials to apparel products is unquestionable, play the key role in appearance, performance, and comfort. Last but not least, the material itself has a wider impact than the product it serves.

Sileather- Silicone Fabric

Safety & healthy raw material

We use 100% food contact grade silicone as raw material. As we all know, silicone is a kind of human-friendly material, its product can be seen everywhere in our daily life: such as in baby pacifiers, kitchen accessories, and for medical use. So that the raw materials are guaranteed to be harmless to the human body.

Environmentally friendly production process

Secondly, we adopt a solvent-free production process, and the water and gas generated in the production process can be recycled or treated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Neither the raw material itself nor the production process will produce any toxic by-products like BPA, and phthalates, etc. It is safe and completely odorless.

Excellent durability

Last but not least, the properties of Sileather silicone leather fully meet and exceed application requirements, such as anti-yellow, scratch resistance, wear-resistant, and so on; in addition, there are inherent anti-fouling, waterproof, and so on.

It is suitable for all groups, including babies' apparel.

We provide textures and colors that meet the customer's aesthetics, and customization is also supported. Welcome your inquiry~

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