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News for Silicone Fabrics Applied in Consumer Electronics

Xiaomi's latest phone release, the 12Ultra, features an integrated metal mid-frame + eco-friendly silicone vegan leather back cover. As the industry continues to evolve, the concept of environmental protection is becoming the focus of attention for companies across the globe, and this is the first time Xiaomi has incorporated the concept of environmental protection into a vegan leather cover.

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The combination of environmental protection and performance has made silicone leather eye-catching. --It is an eco & inherent performance leather-like material that has a luxurious feeling, and inherent better durability than conventional synthetic leather.

The following are highlights of Sileather's applications for consumer electronics.

Permanent stain resistance

Soft and skin-friendly non-allergenic (can achieve the biomaterial grade required by the medical industry)

Resistant to perspiration stains

High color fastness - no color change with long-term use

Resistance to bending- high number of folding resistance

Super resistance to hydrolysis

High abrasion resistance

High and low-temperature resistance

This is not an isolated case for the application of silicone leather in the consumer electronics industry: it is also used in wearable products such as eye massagers and smartwatches.

Please contact us if you have other design ideas for the application in other products such as accessories(phone case, headset case, etc) smart small appliances, etc. Sileather is here to provide you with the solutions.

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