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Sileather Silicone Fabrics for Applications under Extreme Temperatures and Cold-flex


With the use of Sileather Silicone fabrics in Huawei's Aito M9 as a projection screen, we have opened up a brand-new application.

As Aito's engineers said when they communicated with us about the requirements, they also considered vinyl and conducted tests, which included an indicator that the fabric could not be brittle and cracked when flexed at low temperatures of up to 40°C. That was the opportunity for Sileather and Aito to work together because it is hard to achieve with conventional coated fabrics.


1. Why Sileather’s silicone fabrics? (Hereinafter abbreviated as Sileather)

(1) Sileather is suitable for extreme environments (-40℃-220℃), which is determined by the characteristics of the raw material silicone. We can also see different forms of silicone in outdoor use,e.g. the application of silicone sealant used in building sealing that can be used outdoors for a long service life. This can be corroborated by the excellent weather resistance of silicone as a material. We apply this performance to silicone leather!

(2) Secondly, there is also about the production process of Sileather. We adopt a solvent-free, plasticizer-free production process, the material will not be evaporated with the plasticizer and will not lead to brittle, hardening, cracking, and so on;

(3) Finally, the structure of the silicone is also involved. Silicone to Si-O main chain and the side chain has methyl, which causes the molecular chain flexible. There are two main aspects that affect the molecular chain flexibility:

The first is that the silicon-oxygen bond angle is large.

The second is that its side chain contains Methyl. Methyl is distributed on the surface of the silicone, forming a molecular spiral, which will lead to a small intermolecular force and the free volume between the molecules is large.

The molecular chain is the main factor that Sileather's soft and flexible.

2. Inspirations for the application

The application for projection screen cloth gives us a good but more than that inspiration. For example, we can envision it used in car shading.

(1) First of all, the standard requirements of Sileather for UV resistance and VOC release under sun exposure can be fully met;

(2) Secondly, compared with the common fabrics used for sun shading, Sileather has the function of reflecting infrared rays, which can reduce the temperature inside the car to a certain extent;

(3) Finally, it is more high-end in terms of appearance.


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