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What is silicone Fabric?

1. The composition of Sileather silicone fabric:

Sileather maximizes the combination of leather texture and excellent performance of silicone. It is composed of 100% silicone material on the surface layer, 100% silicone adhesive on the middle layer, and various base fabrics such as polyester, spandex, and microfiber as the basic fabric.


2. Introduction of silicone:

Silicone is a kind of polymer material that saves energy, resources, is pollution-free, safe and reliable, and high-performance. We encounter silicones every day-they protect electronic devices from moisture and dirt, use them in the kitchen to provide heat resistance and ease of cleaning, and provide high-performance and hypoallergenic materials for medical use.

Characteristics of silicone:

Temperature Resistance: Silicone products have high thermal stability due to its molecular bonding, resistant to both low temperature and high temperature, and can be used in a wide range.

Weather Resistance: Not easily decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. Longer life of silicone products in natural environment.

Low Surface Tension: Stain resistant and hydrophobic.

Non-toxic and odorless.

3. Detailed performance of Sileather silicone fabric.

Based on the characteristics of silicone, Sileather silicone fabric is ecofriendly, high performance and low maintenance.

Inherent stain resistance


• Inherent flame resistance


   ASTM E84(adhered)

   FMVSS #302

   IMO 2010 FTP Code(Part 8) by LR

   NFPA 260 Class I

   UFAC Class I

   EN 1021 Part I and II

• Hydrolysis resistant- ASTM D3690-02, 14+weeks

• UV stability- ASTM D4329-05(QUV), 1500+h


   Wyzenbeek,200,000+ double rubs

   Martindale, 120,000 cycles

• Cold crack resistance- 5# roller, CFFA-06

• Salt spray resistance- ASTM B117, 1000+h

• Low-temp flex resistance- ISO17694, -30℃ 200,000+

• Colorfastness

   Light Fastness- AATCC16.3, 200h, Grade 4.5

   Crocking- AATCC8, Wet & Dry, Class 5

   Perspiration- AATCC 15, Class 5

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