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Sileather silicone fabrics are designed to handle continuous traffic so they can last for many trips to come. 

Available in an assortment of colors and patterns.


Railway, Aviation

Our benefits

In General

  • Inherently flame resistant and meet the standard

  • Ultra-low VOCs to contribute to healthier indoor air quality

  • Easy maintenance as its inherent stain resistant

  • Reducing the environmental impact from both the adopted raw material and production process which differ from the traditional synthetic leather.

Key Specifications:
  • Flame Resistant En 45545-2

  • Gold Indoor Quality

  • Stain resistance- CFFA-141 ≥4

  • Colorfastness- AATCC16.3, 200h  Grade 4.5

  • Skin-friendly | FDA GLP specifications for skin irritation

Collection Involved
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