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Sileather's mass production projects with automotive OEMs

Sileather silicone-coated fabric, with its excellent performance and environmental characteristics, has been widely used in many parts of the automobile. Specifically, it has been applied in the following projects:


(1) Hiphi Z, HA1 Car Seat Back, HA1 Door Panel/Pillar, HA1 Door Panel Armrest, HA1 Map Pocket, Front Console, Rear Console


Hiphi Z: The Hiphi Z model from Hiphi Motors also utilizes Sileather silicone fabric in the interior, and the eco-friendly material is used in the seats, door panels, armrests, map pockets, and front and rear consoles. This not only demonstrates its premium brand positioning but also reflects the company's emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development.




Sileather silicone fabric is used for the seats, console, and door panels of the LEAPMOTOR C10.

As a family car, the health and safety of users is also the focus of the C10. Sileather's silicone fabric is food-contact and has obtained the international OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Furthermore, It is anti-bacterial, soft and skin-friendly, flame-retardant, inherently stain-resistant for easy maintenance, and ultra-low VOCs, which contributes to achieving the client's design concepts-- the cabin adopts many healthy and environmentally friendly materials, and new environmental protection technology applications and is equipped with an AQS air quality management system. VOC emissions in the car are much lower than international standards, which guarantees the comfort and health of drivers and passengers in the car. It provides users with all-round care and travel with greater peace of mind.


January 10, 2024, LEAPMOTOR C10 new car officially released a large five-seat SUV. From design to performance, this car is undoubtedly showing us a brand-new future.


First of all, the exterior design of the LEAPMOTOR C10 is impressive. It breaks the traditional SUV design paradigm and presents a more fashionable and avant-garde style. The body lines are smooth and rounded, and the front face adopts the sea horizon front penetrating light, which is paired with the angel wing headlights to create a unique visual effect. Particularly noteworthy is the high-end version, equipped with a LiDAR unit with redundant hardware capability for L3-level intelligent driving, which is relatively rare in its class. The rear of the car adopts the Sea Horizon rear penetrating taillights, and there is a wing-type rear spoiler below, which increases the sporty feeling of the whole car. Overall, the exterior design of the LEAPMOTOR C10 is both technological and dynamic, suitable for the aesthetics of modern urbanites.


Entering the car, the interior of the LEAPMOTOR C10 is equally impressive. The two color schemes of Cabernet Orange and Stargazer Purple add a vibrant, enthusiastic, and dignified atmosphere to the interior. The experience of the interior cabin is rolled up to a new height at the moment, with a new design language, and under the minimalist style, a high-class and comfortable atmosphere is created through a large area of leather wrapping and color blocking.


LEAPMOTOR C10's "youthfulness" of design and "security" of materials have given the public a great sense of "trust". It is more like an "ideal home" for the majority of users.



Why choose silicone fabrics for the car interior?


(1) Delicate and soft skin, moisturizing skin-friendly surface: baby-grade silicone fabric, soft texture delicate and comfortable, "0" distance from the contact, in the leather and texture of the collision of the unprecedented sense of comfort, minimalist but not lose its splendor.

(2) Health and environmental protection, "0" added: Sileather silicone leather using 100% silicone raw materials, the use of solvent-free production process, 0 additives, does not contain PVC, PFCs, and other harmful substances, long-term use of non-toxic, harmless, will not appear in contact with the allergy induced by the phenomenon, and the release of VOC is far less than the national mandatory standards.

(3) Excellent stain resistance: Sileather silicone fabric because of its low surface tension, has good antifouling, meets the ACT-BIFMA Healthcare Cleaning Test standards under the more than 30 kinds of conventional detergent test, CFFA-141 standards under the antifouling performance of the highest level 5, such as lipstick, red wine, ballpoint pen, coffee, orange juice and other stains can be easily said goodbye, and the stains. Stains can easily be removed and do not leave traces. smile at her silicone leather allows you to travel no longer because of stains and distress.

(4) Natural flame retardant: Sileather silicone leather has natural flame retardant properties, unique silicone-oxygen chemical bonding makes it can further isolate the oxygen, to achieve a good flame retardant effect. It makes your traveling safer and more secure.

(5) Strong weather resistance: silicone leather has hydrolysis resistance, ultraviolet aging resistance, salt spray resistance, resistance to natural aging, and other characteristics, is not easy to fade aging, and so on. Traveling on the journey for your "escort", no longer because of the changing weather and worry.

(6) Long-lasting wear-resistant and durable: Sileather silicone leather can improve the abrasion resistance of silicone leather, maximize the strength of the interlayer bonding, and improve the abrasion resistance.


(3) Aito M9 Projection Screen


M9 projection curtain: Huawei's M9 model applies Sileather silicone leather to the projection curtain, which not only ensures the durability and functionality of the curtain but also improves the overall quality of the interior. Unlike traditional plastic, fiberglass, and PVC curtains, the M9 car curtain uses Sileather silicone leather, which further improves environmental protection, safety, and experience. Allowing users to enjoy a large, ultra-clear picture as if they were in a movie theater, the Sileather Silicone Leather curtain not only provides an immersive viewing experience but also serves as a partition, perfectly isolating the front and back rows of space. This shields the second row of passengers from the sun while they rest, and further ensures privacy in the car, creating an exclusive mobile space.


On the afternoon of December 26, 2023, the AITO M9 was officially unveiled.

Huawei's winter full-scene launch site mainly brings an intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving control, intelligent driving, intelligent security, and other generation-leading experiences, redefining the standard of intelligent cars, and creating a subversive imaginative intelligent traveling experience for users.


Model highlights

1. The system is equipped with the new HarmonyOS4 intelligent cockpit, providing a first-class user experience. 2;

2. Equipped with Huawei AR-HUD and Huawei ADAS2.0. 3;

3. Intelligent Closed Air Spring and CDC Variable Damping Shock Absorber are equipped as standard. 4;

4. The "super strong basalt body" uses the world's largest one-piece die-cast rear body, with aluminum alloy accounting for 80% of the volume.

5. Six-seat equal-right first-class seats and triple screens for a more comfortable driving experience;

6. Black technology in the car such as a projection screen and astral ring diffuser.


Sileather debuted the M9 with a car-grade projection screen.

At the launch event, the entire vehicle of the AITO M9 was fully equipped with 10 screens. Among them, the main screen in the second row is a highlight of the overall design, and AITO has integrated an electronically controlled screen in the roof of the car. Through the car-grade projector, with a 32-inch lifting projection curtain, support for one-key viewing mode, and Huawei Rhinoceros pointing remote control, a perfect replica of the theater viewing experience.

Unlike the traditional plastic, fiberglass, and PVC curtains, the car curtain of the M9 is made of Sileather silicone fabric, which further improves environmental protection, safety, and experience. Allow users to enjoy a large, ultra-clear picture as if they were in a movie theater.

Sileather Silicone Fabric curtains not only provide an immersive viewing experience but can also be used as a partition to perfectly isolate the front and back row spaces. This can not only block the sunlight when the second-row passengers are resting but also further ensure the privacy of the car, creating an exclusive mobile space.


Why choose Sileather's silicone fabric as the projection screen?

The use of leather materials for curtains is rare, and here the performance advantages of Sileather silicone fabric's flex resistance (-30°C--200℃) were put to good use besides the above characteristics, which was the main reason why Aito's team of engineers chose our material.

Its frequent expansion and contraction require material that can be bent and folded many times under the conditions. As well as a thickness that is thin and extremely precise, otherwise its ability will be compromised.

Aito's projection screen application fully demonstrates that the unique advantages of silicone fabrics can be explored, and we are happy to make the client's inspiration to reality!

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