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Laminated Sileather

Now Sileather is offering laminated products, which aims to simplify the supply chain for customers and avoid problems that may arise during processing in order to strengthen quality control!

Laminated Sileather Option

Sileather and  Southern Textiles & Laminating, Inc.. have teamed up to provide laminating products. "Southern" is a trusted partner with four decades of experience and a 40,000 square feet facility in various industries including automotive and marine, serving major OEMs such as Ford, GM, and so on.

Options as below:

Surface fabric: All series of Sileather can be chosen.

Backing and foams: Both standard options and customization supports

  • Standard options are 1/4'' with No backing, and 1/4'' with Remay/HDK.

Key Advantages

1. Low MOQ: Order from 1 roll(30 yards).

2. Fast Delivery: Shiping from Georgia within 2 weeks.

3. Reliable partner for high quality.

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