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Commercial Interior

Sileather provides an innovative, durable, and sustainable coated fabric option for furniture, panel, and other interior surfaces for hospitality, healthcare, marine, and such high-traffic space, and residential. It features that contribute to Indoor Air Quality, inherent high-performance to make ease-use and friendly to the environment and human body, and so on.


Upholstered furniture for hospitality, healthcare, workspace, education, and so on; Wall coverings

Our benefits

  • Contributes to Indoor Air Quality

Sileather is an ultra-low VOC fabric, which avoids toxic by-products in its raw materials and production process.

As we know, VOC emissions are the main factor affecting indoor air quality- it is harmful to the human body, such as irritating the eyes, nose, and throat, causing breathing difficulties and nausea, damage the central nervous system and other organs. And some VOCs can cause cancer.

Importantly, Sileather is qualified for LEED v4, WELL, etc.

  • Inherent high-performance to make easy-use and friendly to the environment and human body.

Sileather is inherent stain-resistance to make cleaning easier and maintain elegance in high-traffic spaces, the family has pets and children.

Sileather is inherent flame resistance without additives to be suitable for industries with flame retardant bans, and meet or even surpass the standard.

Sileather is skin-friendly, with FDA GLP specifications for skin irritation.

Key Specifications:
  • Lloyd's Register Certified

  • Flame resistance | IMO A.652 (16) Part 8, 3.1-3.2

  • Over 200,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek)

  • Easy to clean, bleach cleanable

  • 1000 hours+ salt fog resistant | ASTM B117-2016

  • UV resistant, 1500 hours+ | ASTM D4329-05

  • Skin-friendly | FDA GLP specifications for skin irritation

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