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Commercial Interior

Sileather provides an innovative, durable, and sustainable coated fabric option for furniture, wall panel, and other interior surfaces for hospitality, healthcare, marine, and such high-traffic space, and residential. 

In addition, Sileather is a member of the ACT with all of our materials exceeding the contract textiles standards. We also provide private labels to many OEM clients. You are welcome to bring Sileather as COM material to furniture manufacturers. 



Sileather can be used for upholstered furniture in hospitality, healthcare, workspace, education, and other industries, as well as for wall coverings.

Our benefits

  • Contributes to Indoor Air Quality

Sileather is an ultra-low VOC fabric, which avoids toxic by-products in its raw materials and production process.

As we know, VOC emissions are the main factor affecting indoor air quality- it is harmful to the human body, such as irritating the eyes, nose, and throat, causing breathing difficulties and nausea, damage the central nervous system and other organs. And some VOCs can cause cancer.

Importantly, Sileather is qualified for LEED v4, WELL, etc.

  • Inherent high-performance to make easy-use and friendly to the environment and human body.

Sileather is inherent stain-resistance to make cleaning easier and maintain elegance in high-traffic spaces, the family has pets and children.

Sileather is inherent flame resistance without additives to be suitable for industries with flame retardant bans, and meet or even surpass the standard.

Sileather is skin-friendly, with FDA GLP specifications for skin irritation.

Key Specifications:
  • HHI compliant and medical-grade bio-compatible, meeting FDA GLP specifications for skin irritation, cytotoxicity, and skin sensitization

  • Ultra-low VOC and meets all Healthy and ACT standards

  • Easy to clean, including stubborn stains like wine, lipstick, sunscreen, permanent marker ink, urine, blood, and other suborn stains

  • Bleach cleanable and chemical resistant, tested with many healthcare cleansers including Virex and Cavi Wipes

  • Liquid barrier, UV resistant, and hydrolysis resistant for versatile indoor and outdoor use

  • Durable, with over 200,000 double rubs for long-lasting performance in high-traffic areas

  • PVC and PU-free, made with multi-layered 100% silicone for superior sustainability and eco-friendliness

  • Lloyd's Register certified for cruise ship quality assurance, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability

  • Flame resistance without using any flame retardant chemicals, providing peace of mind without compromising on health or environmental impact

  • Easy to clean and bleach cleanable for hassle-free maintenance and ongoing cleanliness.

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