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Sileather on Chill Out Chairs!

Freedom Concepts, parent of Chill Out Chairs, has been busy upgrading their fabric selections for their revolutionary chairs that help prevent being tipped over! Chill Out Chairs are popular in healthcare settings, especially when dealing with children and special needs patients that need a sturdy, supportive chair.

Chill Out Chairs have a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the client's needs, and Sileather silicone fabrics add that extra special touch that's especially useful in healthcare!

Sileather is easy to clean, durable, puncture resistant, and can handle a wide range of healthcare cleaners. Sileather is already Indoor Advantage Gold certified, Healthier Hospitals Compliant, and passed many more environmental and health safety tests.

Visit Freedom Concepts/Chill Out Chairs at their website: Chill Out Chairs has offices in both Canada and the United States, so it's widely available in North America.

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