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Sileather encounters Outside Van

Founded in 2007, Outside Van creates custom purpose-built vehicles that enable the freedom to adventure off-grid. Specializing in custom van industry, has been using Sileather's fabrics as interior ceiling covers on their latest projects!

Outside Van focuses on performance as quality upholstery is essential to maintaining comfort in extreme temperatures. From walls to custom ceilings, Outside Van can create a variety of soft goods using a wide array of fabric and material options.

Van ceilings and walls you see here are the result of Sileather fabrics: skin friendly, odorless, flame resistant, easy to clean. Most importantly, Sileather fabrics can withstand harsh cleansers such as up to 90% isopropyl alcohol and bleach (1:4), which provides a sense of security for us to enjoy our van life in this strange time of Covid-19.

Outside Van Project is based in Portland, specializes in custom van industry. They have been building vans that facilitates adventurous lifestyle. Whether it is surfing, snowboarding, or biking, they build vans specifically designed to meet your personal needs. To see more about what they can do for you, check out their website at

Sileather specializes in silicone coated fabrics that are great for indoor and outdoor applications! Sileather is super easy to clean, chemical resistant, waterproof, highly durable, odor free, and meets the highest standards for indoor air pollution, so it's perfect for van applications and small enclosed areas!

Contact us today to ask for the list of approved healthcare cleansers and enjoy your safe and healthy van life with Sileather.   

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