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Problem-solving Coated Fabric for Automotive Interior | Sileather

Sileather is used in automotive upholstery or wall, and it is popular for its easy cleaning, durability, and health benefits, so we've established an increasing customer base in the aftermarket of automotive interior.

Recently our partner Outsidevan has completed a van conversion project, who is an influential builder in custom van conversions. Sileather was chosen by the client for the wall.

The RV/Van is an indispensable tool for adventurers or travelers, which is their "home" on the journey, where they carry out all their daily activities(cooking, resting, etc.).

Therefore, the choice of fabrics cannot be ignored for interior design, which as the most superficial and first contact materials, it plays a role in protecting, coordinating the beauty of the interior, and last but not least, it can give users the most intuitive experience.

Try to imagine the following situation: if the fabric has a pungent smell due to the addition of harmful chemicals... it is difficult or unable to remove the stains(such as food, oil, pen, etc.)... the pet accidentally left claw marks on it... the steering wheel is hot under the sun in Summer.

It is worry-free with stains, scratches, UV, etc with Sileather, considering Sileather as your alternative!

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