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Overland Van Project and Sileather's Walden Prints

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Overland Van Project, specializing in custom van conversions, used Sileather's Walden prints as interior accents and window covers on one of their latest projects!

Using the Walden collection gives their van a unique look from the inside out that matches beautifully with the blue bedding and wood cabinetry. As the cabinets and tables show off the wood grain aesthetic, the pattern from Walden compliments it in stride.

Even the ceiling is covered in Walden!


Overland Van Project is based in Portland, OR, USA and specializes in custom van conversions. They can tackle any type of van and can customize according to a wide variety of needs. To see more about what they can do for you, check out their website at

Sileather specializes in silicone coated fabrics that are great for indoor and outdoor applications! Sileather is waterproof, highly durable, odor free, and meets the highest standards for indoor air pollution, so it's perfect for van applications and small enclosed areas!

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