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From the escort chair to baby products, this innovative performance fabric you need to know.

In April this year, Shenzhou 13-manned spacecraft successfully completed the mission home safely. Just out of the cabin astronauts, need to sit on the "escort chair". This is specially developed and designed for them to support the device, but also the key to landing and rescue after returning to flight.

Shenzhou-13 created a number of "first", which "escort chair" is the first time the used silicone-coated fabric. Silicone fabric was chosen because the astronaut landing environment is a wilderness or Gobi, with extreme variations in temperature and other natural environments, and it can handle.

Sileather is the pioneer in silicone-coated fabric. Since our silicone-coated fabric launched in 2016, we've developed an increasing customer base in different applications in Europe, North America, China, and Southeast Asia for multiple conditions and various groups. It is widely acclaimed for contributing to enhancing the product user experience and benefiting the environment, it is a material that breaks the traditional concept of synthetic leather.

Some cases

How are they different?

1. Different from the traditional synthetic leather materials PVC (ie. plastic), polyurethane, Sileather is made of 100% food-contact silicone, which is PVC & PU free without any harmful by-products to the environment and human body.

2. Sileather has a longer life cycle and expectancy which therefore benefits the cost structure in the supply chain. High and low-temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation stability, weather resistance, flame retardancy, water repellency, and corrosion resistance are the special characteristics of silicone material, which determines Sileather Sileather is able to withstand a wide range of applications to ensure longevity.

3. Ultra-low VOC emission, inherent flame retardant, inherent stain resistance, and easy to take care of, this is also what silicone material gives Sileather - to protect user safety and enhance the experience.

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