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Phone case made of Sileather!

Today, mobile phone cases are in the market everywhere, and Sileather phone cases gives the edge in durable, easy to clean, skin friendly, and damage resistance. The 1.1mm thick fabric provides an extra layer of cushioning to the case that also keeps out water, food, dirt, and other liquids. Many phones are water resistant, and your phone case should be too!

In line with current eco-friendly trends, Sileather® uses the most advanced dry-process technology and never uses organic solvents and chemical additives in the production process. This ensures that mobile phone shells produced Sileather helps meet different environmental requirements, including RoHS, REACH, and more.

Difference between silicone leather and TPU:

Although TPU has high wear resistance and cold resistance, it is prone to deformation and yellowing. As far as a soft feel, TPU is harder than silica gel.

PC material mobile phone case is not scratch-resistant and not UV-resistant.

What are the features of mobile phone cases using Sileather fabric?

Ultra waterproof

As the protector of mobile phones, the fabric has good water resistance, providing a good

waterproof mask for mobile phones.

Anti-stain scratch-resistant

Sileather silicone leather has the advantages of being anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil pollution, anti-fouling and easy to clean. If you write on the back of the mobile phone case with a marker, it can be quickly eliminated and most damage can be automatically repaired.

Soft and skin-friendly

Sileather adopts a natural skin-friendly silica gel coating which has a silky soft touch and makes you reluctant to part with it. If you don't like putting a case on your phone, while want to give it a little protection, then it will be a good choice for a Sileather silicone shell.

Antiskid and drop-resistant

It will help give your mobile phone more protection, no matter how you slip and fall.


In addition,Sileather will provide you with your colors and patterns according to your requirements.

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