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A Pattern “Matches Your Taste”

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Sileather, a product made with quality machinery and professional process, as well as highly fashionable grain design, combines comfort, aesthetics, environment concept and trend of fashion into a unique advantage leading in the leather industry.

At present, Sileather has its proprietary system of grain series, i.e., Leather Series, Smooth Series, Bi-color Series and Printing Series, all of which are achieved basically through pattern transfer from release paper.

Sileather | Premier Series

The Leather Series includes Premier, Pebble, Original, etc. The Premier pattern, for example, is made of soft organo silicone materials, and its classic leather grain gives it a vivid stereoscopic aspect. The grains may vary in size but all feel soft and comfortable.

The original grain patterns are pristine and breathe of the nature, and each piece of the Premier Series is unique.

Sileather | Mustang Series

The Mustang Bi-color Series (also the Cross-color Series) is made with a dual-color technique on basis of the leather grain. The grain side of the leather is dyed twice, one color a time, creating a bi-color visual effect.

The two interlacing colors produce on the grain side of the leather not only a feel of multilayers but also a strong visual impression.

Sileather | Theory Series

The Theory Series belongs to the Smooth Series where distributed mini grains match perfectly well with a natural clear lustre on the soft smooth leather.

The Theory Series, different from the stereoscopic aesthetics of the Premier Series, is a low-profiled luxury in its mini grains, as Sileather has always been to consumers.

Sileather| Classic Smooth Series

The Classic Smooth Series belongs to the same Smooth Series as the Theory Series. However, as a creasing technique, instead of a distribution of mini grains as in the Theory Series, is used, the Classic Smooth Series is more drooping and dynamic.

The barely perceptible creases hidden in Sileather add an extra touch of mystery to the product.

Printing Series

The printing series can be divided into two major series, Walden and Play Time. In the Walden Series, the crisscrossing lines of various depth on the leather surface represent gurgling waters in the Walden Lake. With the Play Time Series, the plants and animals create a world of fairy tales and bring you back to the innocent childhood.

Highly Flexiblec All-purpose Materials

Apart from the few classic patterns of grains as above, we also have various printing series of patterns; moreover, custom is available for you in respect of any grain or any color.

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