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Sileather - The Best Fabric Choice in Green Hospital Construction

The design of hospital public spaces has become a key topic in the overall planning of modern hospital construction. As one of the areas with the highest human flow, public spaces in hospitals need much more attention to details for patients and their families who are there for medical treatment.

The Connecticut Department of Psychology research team found that the physical environment inside the hospital will directly affect patients' evaluation of the quality of treatment. A natural hospital interior decoration style can not only relax patients' mood, but also relieve patients' anxiety during the waiting period. Waiting is an inevitable process when patients seek medical treatment. The comfort level in the waiting area will directly affect patients' emotions when they receive treatment.

For many years, the selection of seat material in waiting areas has been a concern by hospital builders. Different from the seats in common public places, seats in waiting areas are likely to be exposed to a large number of bacteria, viruses and medical dirt. Frequent medical disinfection puts forward the need for high durability and clean-ability of materials.

Conventional leather, artificial leather or synthetic leather all have certain health/environmental issues. Genuine leather, in the process of production, will add a large number of aniline dyes, chromium salt and other chemical reagents, and has the dual problem of low durability and high production cost. Although the cost of artificial leather and synthetic leather is relatively lower, the material itself cannot withstand long-term high frequency medical disinfection. The addition of a large number of chemicals in the manufacturing process will also lead to the emission of harmful odors that affect air in waiting areas.

  • When used or placed for a long time, PU, PVC, and other synthetic leathers will cause residual solvents and plasticizers to be continuously released. These compounds will be absorbed by the human body and stay in the human body, thereby damaging tissues and organs, destroying liver functions, causing physiological barrier threats, which are not conducive to human health. At the same time, considering the safety of public areas, if artificial leather and synthetic leather is burned, it will produce a large number of toxic and harmful gases, there will be huge safety risks.

Compliant with human health standards and Healthier Hospital Initiatives (HHI), Sileather® redefines synthetic leather with 35 years of rich experience and a number of organic silicon formula patents. Sileather is a well-known R&D unit of all-natural silica gel materials domestically and internationally. As a highly functional fabric which meets several human health standards and is suitable for interior decoration in the healthcare industry, Sileather's use includes medical beds, medical chairs, rehabilitation equipment and other medical fields by hospitals globally.

Sileather ® is a pioneer in performance leather made of 100% silicone, With our innovation and improvement, we have inherent flame resistance, high abrasion resistance, skin-friendliness, and many other advantages.

Not only that, Sileather® also has the following health & environmental protection features:

1. Solvent-free production process, non-toxic and harmless, VOC release is far less than the national mandatory standards;

2. Has passed the medical biocompatibility test (cytotoxicity test ISO10993-5: 10 non-toxicity and skin allergy test ISO10993-10:2010 Non-allergenic);

3. It meets the Test of ACT-BIFMA Healthcare Cleaning Test for more than 30 kinds of conventional cleaners. Its anti-fouling performance reaches the highest level 5 in CFFA-141 standard. Ordinary stains can be simply cleaned with water.

4. It is resistant to strong chemical agents and can withstand many professional healthcare cleansers.

At the just-concluded spring fair of 2019 ICMD medical apparatus and instruments, Sileather® showed its new side as a new material to clients from around the world, further promoting the upgrading and development of green hospital construction. In the second half of this year, Sileather® will hit the international medical exhibition MEDICA 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany with a new attitude. We welcome you to visit!

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