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Sileather passes fire testing for European Rail

Sileather has passed the flame tests for materials and components that are used on European rail and trains, which is EN 45545 at Hazard Level 3 (HL3), which is the highest level of the certification. Sileather plans to expand into the rail market because its fabrics are flame resistant, easy to clean, has ultra low VOCs, and are durable for public transportation use. Since Sileather can alter grains and patterns without compromising or changing the formula, any pattern will be available.

Sileather has passed numerous tests for commercial transportation and public spaces, making it widely available for different markets. With a growing desire from the design community to have fabrics that are durable and eco-friendly, Sileather proves to be one of the best options for designers. Sileather fabrics already qualify for RoHS, REACH, and other environmental programs, so the European rail fire testing is another qualification that sets it apart.

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