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Sileather accepted into Healthier Hospitals Initiative for Safer Chemicals

Sileather silicone fabrics are now a part of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative Safer Chemicals program. Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI) is a program that promotes healthier and safer hospital environments across the nation. HHI provides resources and guidance to help hospitals become more sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthy, through cleaning practices, materials, food purchases, and much more.

The safer chemicals program looks at furniture and upholstery to ensure that harmful chemicals are not being used. These include no PVC elements, formaldehyde, PFCs, anti-microbial agents, or flame retardants.

Since Sileather is produced with 100% silicone and an advanced solvent free production technique, all of our fabrics contain none of these elements. Our construction, plus the fact that our fabrics contain ultra low VOCs, makes it an incredibly healthy and safe material, especially in hospitals and healthcare settings.

You can find out more about Sileather's qualifying materials, which are all of our collections, on the HHI website: Click here

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