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Unlock the Potential of your products with Sileather!

Sileather creates a premier and environmental alternative to leathers for a sustainable future while achieving performance!

The adopted material is sourced from silicon that is the second most abundant element present on earth after oxygen, a mineral found in soil and sands in nature.


Recently, a company has been displaying our sample book on Alibaba International under the brand name of Sileather® and confusing the public with other low-quality products, which has disturbed the market and had a serious negative impact on our reputation.

We have already warned and requested the company to remove Sileather® products from Alibaba, and we reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Last but not least, Sileather® has not authorized any enterprise or individual to conduct business on Alibaba. Sileather® will not warranty any unauthorized products sold through such channels.

​Our Expertise

Commercial Interiors

Sileather’s silicone fabric is the industry’s only environmental alternative to leathers with zero PVC and zero solvents, while achieving high performance. 

Widely applies to for upholstered  furnitures or wallcoverings for healthcare, workplace, education, hospitality, etc.



Nautical industry has high requirements of the performance of fabrics to withstand the using condition: e.g. UV resistance, anti-mildew, hydrolysis resistance, temperature resistance, etc... due to the environment of high UV, humidity, rain and varying temperatures.

Widely applies to both indoor and outdoor upholstered furniture for boats, yachts and cruises.




Sileather delivers the most durable and luxurious animal-free vegan leather on the market, which is a perfect blend of nature and technology, and approved by OEMs.


Widely applicable to the seating, intrument/door panel, and interior surface applications for cars, RVs, trains, and trucks.


Vegan Fashion

Vegan fashion is created by the ethical vegans of consumers and manufacturers, aim to defending the right and freedom of animals to live beyond a diet and reflecting this worldview in their choices in life. In addition, considering that livestock is one of the sectors that have the biggest share in the global climate crisis.


Sileather provides the targeted solution to the manufacturer of vegan bags, vegan shoes, vegan apparels, etc.


Baby Products

Sileather's silicone fabric is made of food-contact silicone and offers manufacturers of baby playmats, bean bags, and strollers a safety material option!


You will know Sileather is beneficial for those products as its inherent stain resistance, biocompatibility...


Consumer Electronics

Some of consumer electronics products requires cover fabrics to provide the protection, the touch feeling, the appearance(texture and colors).

Sileather’s silicone fabric provides an innovative and right option to improve the performance of products, and reduce the environment impact.

Key Benefits


Sileather performance silicone fabrics are easy to clean, inherently stain resistant, and bleach cleanable for the toughest messes.

The inherently high-performance of Sileather silicone fabric determines that it maintains well in various conditions even under extreme temperatures, such as weather resistance, UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc. Contributes to longer service life.
Healthy & comfortable

Sileather silicone fabric is made by food-contact silicone for coating, without any toxic-by product. Extremely luxurious touch without allergens.

Sileather's silicone fabric is produced with fewer chemicals and are made with a focus on reducing waste and energy consumption.
Providing an environmental conscious choice for a sustainable future!
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