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Care and Cleaning

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Thanks to the inherent advantages of Sileather® fabrics, cleaning and maintenance is very easy*! There is no need for waxing or cleaning solutions, nor additional sun-blocking agents. For common stains in daily life, water or water with detergent is sufficient to remove it all. Like many fabrics, we recommend that all spills be cleaned up as soon as possible, Here we also recommend some helpful tips for typical stains:

Loose dirt, dust, and footprints

Clean with a soft sponge or cloth using water

Stubborn stains

Ketchup, Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Red Wine, Coffee, Mustard

  • Simply clean with a soft sponge or cloth using water

Sunscreen, Mascara, Soy Sauce, Ballpoint Pen Ink, Permanent Marker

  • Mix 30 g detergent with 1 kg water

  • Use a soft sponge or cloth using the mixture solution.

Lipstick, Iodine, Denim Dye

  • Clean with a soft sponge or cloth using 95% ethyl alcohol or 90% Isopropyl alcohol

Cleaning Code

W/S - Spot clean with upholstery shampoo, foam from a mild detergent, or mild dry cleaning solvent. 

Disinfecting and Chemical Resistance

Sileather® fabrics are inherently resistant to strong and even harsh chemicals including disinfectants that are used in high traffic areas or healthcare facilities. 

1:4 bleach to water mix

Refer to our healthcare brochure for recommended hospital/healthcare cleaners.

Stain Resistance

Blood/Urine/Betadine - CFFA-141 - Class 5

Ink - CFFA-141 - Class 5

Permanent Marker - CFFA-141 - Class 5

Coffee - CFFA-141 - Class 5

Mustard/Fruit Juice - CFFA-141 - Class 5

Lipstick - CFFA-141 - Class 5

Denim - CFFA-141 - Class 5

(The results of the above tests are based on pure water, detergent, aqueous solution, bleach, isopropyl alcohol and other clean carrier conclusions)

View our Youtube videos to see more about our stain resistance

Sewing Guide

View the Sileather sewing guide for tips on how to best sew the fabric

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