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Sileather is an official member of NMMA

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Sileather, represented by Siotech Corporation in Georgia, is officially a member of NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) in 2020.

NMMA is the largest industry organizations for recreational boating in North America, with over 1300 members today. By joining NMMA, Sileather will be able to connect with hundreds of other manufacturers of boat seating and construction, and expand its reach into the marine industry. With a growing marine market, Sileather hopes to contribute to the promotion of materials that are both high performance and environmentally conscious.

Sileather shows it's commitment towards

the boating industry with its membership, and by staying involved in the marine industry. All Sileather fabrics are ideal for marine environments, with hydrolysis resistance, easy-to-clean-ability, UV resistance, and high durability. Sileather silicone fabrics also carry the Lloyd's Register mark.

Contact Siotech USA at or Siotech Europe at for your marine fabric needs.


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