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The safe and healthy answer for fabric

Our silicone fabrics focus on the health of your child - Sileather® has ultra-low VOCs, no phthalates, no mercury or heavy metals, no BPA, no PFCs, no plasticizers, no biocides, and no formaldehyde!

Sileather® is super easy to clean, water and urine repellent, and colors won't fade. No matter how much your child wants to play, roll around, or lay down, our silicone fabrics are soft and durable to withstand it all. 

Applications include strollers, play mats, baby furniture upholstery, car safety seats, diaper changing mattresses, aprons, bibs, pillows,  kindergarten facilities, and more!

Your Fabric Solution

The health and well-being of your children deserve only the best! Sileather® fabrics are easy to clean, will not mold, are highly stain resistant, and have a beautiful soft touch that only silicone fabric can provide.

Safe to touch and play

Sileather® silicone fabrics are tested and have passed bio-compatibility tests including cytotoxicity and skin irritation tests, so your child's skin will be safe. Our fabrics were tested using the Good Laboratory Practice guidelines set forth by the US FDA, giving you that added layer of protection. 

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