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Sileather® is a pioneer in performance leather made of 100% silicone. With our innovative techniques, Sileather® is able to redefine high performance fabrics through the best combination of leather textures and the superior advantages of silicone. As a silicone textiles solutions company, we strive to offer the world a better solution of eco-friendly, sustainable, easy to clean, weatherproof, and highly durable performance fabrics that can be applied in various applications, even in extreme environments. Our silicone coated fabrics are for use as a textile in the manufacture of furniture upholstery, furnishings, trim, decorative features, children's products, and sportswear and fashion wear in the nature of clothing. With years of research and development, Sileather aims to make silicone fabrics the fabric of the future that will be your choice for environmentally friendly and eco-conscious textiles.

Sileather® is a brand represented by Siotech Group, an international collective comprised of Siotech Corporation (USA), Siotech France (Europe), Siotech Hangzhou (Asia), and Siotech Shanghai (Asia). We provide all before and after sales services that allows you to directly communicate with us to create the best possible solutions for you.

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